Why is Alphard so popular ?

Lately, we may have noticed an increase in MPVs on the road until it has begun to become a familiar sight. And if talking about the top-notch model, it’s probably inevitable that the Toyota Alphard is of course. Luxurious interior design in the passenger compartment is probably one of the images most people remember when thinking of Alphard, whether it is perforated leather seats that give a feeling of comfort while traveling both near and far. which can adjust the seat in 4 directions With leg rest and seats with Seat Ventilator and Heater. Enjoy the journey with the in-car audio system that supports both Android and IOS touch screen systems. Comes with a navigation map And a 360-degree rear view camera in 3D HD and much more that helps facilitate as if still sitting and relaxing at home. As such, it should come as no surprise that the Alphard has become the go-to destination for a wealth of executive commuters who are paying and ready to buy a car. This car comes in possession. 2. Suitable for use both inside and outside the city. As an MPV that emphasizes versatility in use, the Alphard is designed for both short and long journeys. With a steering wheel that can be adjusted in 4 directions, a 9-inch MID touch screen and a Navigator navigation system that helps find destinations precisely. Despite its large exterior appearance, the Alphard has great agility thanks to the ESP electric power steering on a Rack & Pinion steering unit that allows the car to have the narrowest turning radius of 5.6 meters, so it can avoid obstacles in tight spaces well. Very suitable for use in the city, while the electric handbrake system (Brake Hold) will help hold the brake pedal to prevent accidents while turning in narrow places. or heavy traffic well Which is also working in conjunction with the Toyota Safety Sense system to raise the level of driving safety to the next level 3. Energy saving as Alphard has hybrid engine models. Therefore, it is designed to save energy while driving in the city. And has an average fuel consumption rate of 11-15 km / liter, plus good fuel efficiency of 10-50% with the power of the electric motor while also reducing energy consumption and introducing alternative energy. to help reduce fuel consumption thus resulting in less pollution in the air If the engine stops due to traffic congestion or waiting at a red light Hybrid systems do not emit exhaust gases into the air. As a result of Toyota’s environmentally-focused development, As a result, Alphard’s CO2 emissions are 55 g/km less than conventional 2.5-liter gasoline engines 4. Long service life Another factor that makes it worthwhile for Alphard owners is its typical service life of 7-10 years, depending on how hard you use it. Which this model comes with a quality warranty of up to 3 years or 100,000 km, but in the event of an alarm in the cabin Whether it’s a loud, long, squeaky sound or difficult to start. Should hurry up to check the condition urgently in order to preserve the use of the car for a longer time

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