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Bangkok and nearby provinces


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กรุงเทพและจัวหวัดใกล้เคียง Start 5,000.-

ออกต่างจังหวัด Start 6,000.- /day


เช่ารถเกินเวลา 10 Hour

500.- THB


กรุงเทพและจัวหวัดใกล้เคียง Start 4,800.-

ออกต่างจังหวัด Start 6,600.- /day


เช่ารถเกินเวลา 10 Hour

500.- THB


กรุงเทพและจัวหวัดใกล้เคียง Start 3,000.-



ระยะเวลาใช้งานBangkok Area


กรุงเทพและจัวหวัดใกล้เคียง Ask for special price

สอบถามราคาพิเศ Ask for special price


เช่ารถเกินเวลา Full Day

*THB. Currency

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions
• For prices excluding fuel costs. The user must be responsible for the cost of gas, expressway fees, parking fees, and entrance fees to various places.
• For prices that include gas. The price includes everything. But does not include the cost of driver’s accommodation if staying overnight
• For a day package of 6 hours, if used overtime there is an OT fee of 1,000 baht per hour
• For a day package of 10 hours, if Overtime use has an OT fee of 500 baht per hour.
• For pick-up and delivery packages. One way Will not be able to stop for sightseeing along the way.
• If the renter does not have accommodation for the driver. The company requests permission to charge the driver an accommodation fee of 500 baht/night. If it is a holiday period, 1,000 baht/night.
• If there are pets traveling together. Please notify the company before using the service. If there is any damage from pets Users must take full responsibility.
• Do not smoke in the vehicle. If users violate the rules, they will be fined 20,000 baht.
• If you want to reserve a car queue, A deposit of 1,000 baht per day must be paid if the user cancels the reservation. The refund of the deposit is at the discretion of the company.
• If you wish to issue a tax invoice, there will be an additional VAT charge of 7% on top of the service charge.

Why have to choose Us

We use SRC Hybrid the top model of Alphard

We clean the car every time before and after using the service.

Sterilize with O3 system Our Car are Sterilize with Ozone System before and after using the service.

Free Mineral water Evien 2 Bottle for Free

Driver received the COVID vaccine already and ATK check every 7 day before service.

Alcohol Check Alcohol and drugs check every day before service

First Class insurance Our cars have 1st class insurance

A receipt can be issued in the name of the company.

Unlimited distance for full day rental

Customer Service
24 hours support

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