Alphard car rental service with driver

If you are a businessman who has to travel to contact work or attend meetings in other provinces that have never been before. Using the Alphard car…

Why is Alphard so popular ?

Lately, we may have noticed an increase in MPVs on the road until it has begun to become a familiar sight. And if talking about the top-notch model, it’s probably inevitable that the Toyota Alphard is of course.

5 Reason why should to travel with Toyota Alphard hybrid

After the introduction of this year’s new Hybrid system, the Toyota Alphard 2022 is another option for those who love luxury that comes with sportiness. and modern

Why should rent Alphard

If you want to go on vacation in other provinces Many people may start to worry about going to an unfamiliar place. Including the convenience of traveling and the safety of driving that may make you start to feel out of fun.

Review Toyota Alphard SRC 2022

If talking about a large utility vehicle, Toyota Alphard must be one of the options that will definitely be mentioned. And with today’s alternative energy vehicles becoming increasingly popular, Alplard SRC is considered one of Toyota’s masterpieces that many people keep an eye on.

Toyota Alphard 2022 Engine and performance

The engine of the Toyota Alphard and the Toyota Vellfire will be different as follows: Toyota Vellfire 2.5 uses a 4-cylinder 2.5-liter gasoline engine with a maximum power of 180 horsepower…

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