5 Reason why should to travel with Toyota Alphard hybrid

After the introduction of this year’s new Hybrid system, the Toyota Alphard 2022 is another option for those who love luxury that comes with sportiness. and modern technology to meet your leadership lifestyle. Reflecting perfection above the level with a distinctive look and complete comfort that is unique Along with being widely popular today. Due to the 5 advantages that we are going to tell each other on this occasion 1. Suitable for long-distance driving Toyota Alphard is an MPV that is designed to be suitable for long-distance travel. with a luxurious cabin design Whether it is a perforated leather seat material that gives a comfortable feeling while sitting. and can adjust the seat automatically Inside the cabin, there is a storage compartment in the front-center console And convenient interior equipment that is easy to use for both the driver and passengers, such as a 4-way adjustable steering wheel, 9-inch MID touch screen and Navigator navigation system -behind And the Nanoe System air purification system with 6 cabin lights, while the 2nd row seat can be moved in 4 directions and the front passenger’s calf support is electrically adjustable 2. High flexibility even in a large vehicle By installing the ESP electric power steering on the Rack & Pinion steering unit, the Alphard has an advantage over its class in terms of agility. Even driving in the city still feels reassuring. It also enhances confidence in all terrain driving with Toyota Safety Sense, a state-of-the-art safety system Both the Pre-Collission System which is a collision prevention system, or Lane Departure Alert, a lane-departure warning system with automatic steering wheel delay, etc. 3. Good turning radius. Worry-free when maneuvering around obstacles in tight spaces as the Alphard has a minimum turning radius of only 5.6 meters, making it ideal for use in the city as well as electric handbrake and Brake Hold system or brake assist system which helps hold the brake pedal It also helps prevent accidents while turning in narrow spaces or in heavy traffic with ease. 4. Save energy Alphard SRC is a car that uses a hybrid engine. It is designed to save energy when driving in the city. With an average fuel consumption rate of 11-15 km / liter and also saving up to 10-50% of fuel with the power of the electric motor While the hybrid system can respond better than conventional engines as well 5. Save the environment With its hybrid drive system, the Alphard SRC is a vehicle that reduces energy consumption and adopts alternative fuels. which in addition to reducing fuel consumption It also helps to reduce pollution in the air. In the event that the engine stops working due to traffic jams or waiting at red lights The hybrid system leaves no emissions in the air, which makes the Alphard 55g/km less CO2 than a typical 2.5-litre petrol

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